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Bla bla bla.. nothing to say…  Kinda buggy, i cant track where’s the bug inside my admin post panel. Seems took very long time to complete load. Duh!..

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28 Feb 2006

Lawa interface dan header. Tahniah!

01 Mar 2006

testing uri?

01 Mar 2006

wow… lawa!

03 Mar 2006

at last a blog. :). Congrats.

Nur Azmi
13 Mar 2006

my first graphic novel has published already. Now still in the storage. awaiting into the market on this week.Meanwhile you can check it out from my blog : Nurazmiworld.blogspot.com right now. Up coming (second appearing) will be on June or July. Secretly on progress and it’s must be better then the first. Op! before i’m forget, The Title is “Mambo di Kuale!!”..aha sapa-sapa nak beli direct dari akupun boleh sila hubungi 017-3601689

15 Mar 2006


02 Apr 2006

Brader Mysticmind. Link Brader Kromosom dan kerawangnya itu typing error di “url”nya.

02 Apr 2006

dah edit dah.. 🙂

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