Server baru dirancang-pasang pada bulan Mac ini

01 Mar 2011 Umum & Kemaskini 3,247 views

Good news, jika tiada aral melintang, dijangkakan server baru pergh akan menjalankan khidmatnya dalam bulan ini.

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jin woo Choi
01 Apr 2011

Dear All in PERCH.COM


Let me introduce myself first shortly

My name is jin woo Choi, working for 15th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) in south korea as a manager in international digital cartoon dept among our festival organization

You can see more detailed information about SICAF on our official website,,

however, it’s now under process of renewal for 2011 edition

In my digital cartoon dept, we also running cartoon competition titled 6th International Digital Cartoon Competiton

so i’d like to publicize our digital cartoon competition more widely in your country Malaysia through your help

I found your information by googling

When i checked submission rate from Malaysia, we received 3 works in 2007, 3 works in 2008, 4 works in 2009 and 0 work in 2010

and so if possible, i’d like to get more works this year from Malaysia due to your help

I’d like to attach our regulation here but i can’t so if you send me e-mail, i will get back to you again

Is it ok?

And is it possible for you post our cartoon competition news on your website and facebook, twitter pls?

Thanks a lot

Looking forward to hearing good news from you soon

Best Regards

jin woo Choi

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