Planning for 2014 Major Upgrade and Site Enhancement.

14 Dec 2013 Umum & Kemaskini 17,735 views

As nowadays, Facebook overshadow everything. The blog and forum site seems slowing down. The mainpage are rarely update because myself are very busy this year (2013) on my own personal life. Giving no time for me to update nor to keep this site alive as before.

Anyway, my big thanks to all of friends, moderators and loyal members those till posting and keeping forum alive with your activities, even without me as admin around. I fell blessed ^_^ .


Back then, as we are one of the biggest local forum community exist. Nowadays as you see around, most of forum communities are closing down. Their webmaster had their own reason for that, won’t blame them too, neither blame the facebook. Somehow, I will try to keep this website alive, even there’s just few of us active here. Not forget to mention, that some of our posts here are mostly valuable, beside some of crappy chat, jokes, daily life story even trolling others 😀 , I do strongly believe, many post as valuable as it is.

It’s very long story as this website existence since 2001 , it’s indeed got many stories to share regarding this website, our friend that we meets here, our bosses, our job finding, our staff, our business partners, our project and the most valuable knowledge shares within us.  Speaking of those memories…

Anyway…. for this 2014, I was planning to do major upgrade for this website. Here’s what I intend to do :

1 – Convert the current SMF forum into WordPress owned BBpress.
2 – Make it as Social network with BuddyPress.
3 – Combined it with Multi User.
4 – Of course, with my own WordPress theme design.

Well, that’s the draft. it wasn’t an easy task. I was tried converting the forum data sized about 500mb (imagine text file in that size, how big it is),  got errors during conversion. It’s frustrating,  yet I still not surrender. I believe there will be a way to make it happen.

Wish me luck.

*kindly please ignore my broken english here, i won’t double check the grammar and so on. Oh my english.. >_<

Nizam ‘mysticmind’ Ahamad

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18 Dec 2013

Semiga berjaya encik mistik….hrp dpt mengembalikan kegemilangan pergh….. Tk nk buka official facebook page ke? Apappun all d best

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