M.I.C.C : Morning International Comic Competition 2009

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Morning International Comic Competition.
(They’ve change from “Manga” to “Comic” because they dislike manga-ish entry.


Short info :
presented by Weekly Morning, Kodansha, Japan

Competition entries being accepted now!

Morning, with a weekly circulation of more than 400,000 copies and more than 25 years of history, is Japan’s largest and most prominent comic magazine for mature readers. Since its very first issue, the magazine has been host to such megahits as Vagabond, The Drops of the Gods (Kami-no-shizuku), The Silent Service, Say hello to BLACK JACK, and GON, and has had continual and significant influence on Japanese society. We are currently broadening our horizons by holding a competition across the globe in order to seek out and develop new talent.

http://e-morning.jp/mimc/index.html for more information.

Pergh Forum discussion here [ Morning International Comic Competition ]

*thanks to masquevale

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Endy Tatsuke
15 Sep 2009


Wow! Blog dari Malaysia ya? Salam kenal aja deh dari Saya yang berasal dari pulau Kalimantan juga 😀 tapi beda negara

Hm…, thank you atas infonya. Beranikan diri untuk ikut event internasional ah! Kodansha nih yang mengadakan.

Well…, I’m sorry if you don’t use malay language but i just wanna say thank you 🙂

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