Jemputan ke Majlis Pelancaran GRiD di Malaysia

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Racedriver: Grid merupakan game yang dibangunkan oleh codemasters dan tahu kah anda? sebahagian besar sumber artistik yang disumbangkan untuk game ini dibuat oleh beberapa anak jati Malaysia di Codemasters Studios, Kuala Lumpur dengan kolaberasi ibu pejabatnya di United Kingdom. Sempena dengan pelancaran game ini, semua warga pergh dan rakan-rakan semua dijemput hadir pada hari tersebut. Rabu, 11 Jun 2008 di Zouk KL. 7 petang hingga 1 pagi.

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This game was largely done in our Malaysian studio with the collaboration of our main office in the UK. This is a first for Malaysia as there has never been a next generation console game done here, neither has any triple A level game been produced here before (by the same company that released it).
Malaysia Boleh!

The launch of Grid will be done on June 11th at Zouk (main room).
We open the party to the adult general public from 7pm to 1am (must be of legal age since the place sells booze). Arcades will be on site for you to play the game.

  • The game will be available for purchase at an awesome discounted price.
  • Ralph Fulton; Chief Game Designer for Grid will be in from the UK.
  • Press Conference with Media access will be from 6pm to 7pm.
  • Live DJ, More surprises will be revealed on that day itself! (Prizes anyone?)

Check out Racedriver: GRiD website :

Check out our new website:

Grid website pergh

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