Author Topic: Looking team member for IPCC ( Specialist in 3D FX)  (Read 842 times)


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Looking team member for IPCC ( Specialist in 3D FX)
« on: March 30, 2011, 02:57:41 PM »
We are hiring a team member , specialist to my studio for doing a proposal for MSC IPCC competition
on serius way we provide a housebase studio , for you to come to us and working as like a team .
there is NO PAYMENT is PROMISING , unless proposal was succesfull accepted by MSC , then we going to start making a fullwork as company production(mean u will get pay)
specification on our studio

2 base high end i7 RiG with 12GB of ram , and 1 medium i5 RIG for work production
software we use is 3DMAX , After effect and more (will add more if u interested to know more : by PM )

And the lenght of estimation for the developement time is will began on earlier MAY (bulan 5) , there goes 4 month till august ( which is , in august MSC will start anoucing IPCC competition to public)

so the process of project is 4 month start from May till august , next after that is the process of presentation to MSC stage .
for the requirement of team ,
Im searching 2D enviroment and character concept artist which is very important to play role on creating a scene .
next of the story i might hire few more 3D artist , which i also included

so far firm guys who wanna stick is 3 people , but we cannot it alone , we still need a souce of energy to help us together.

job scope :
Manager/Conductor : Me and my member ( Org kuat tuk conduct )
story write - ( as for now i dont need any ppl to do this )
2D concept : enviroment / character ( 1 people or 2 )
3D modeler  ( up to 2 people )
- scupter ( he going to detail up the model with superb high poly model )
- texture ( he going to bake , make normal , make AA , apply shaders )
- mesh modeling ( he going to make model base on 2D drawing , and make sure the wireframe is good for rigging )
- rigger ( basically we just going to use downloaded rigger and edit it )
renderer / After effect / video ( up to 2 people )
-matte paint composition / composite
-footage composite / Layering a footage