CG Overdrive 2006. Asia’s Largest CG Conference!

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Name : CG Overdrive 2006. Asia’s Largest CG Conference.
Location : Singapore
Date : 14th – 16 July 2006 + 10am – 7pm Daily

*visit their website for more.

Quoted from their website :

CG Overdrive is an inaugural event slated to be held in Singapore from 14th to 16th July 2006 . Regarded as the most massive dedicated platform for the constellation of CG Artists, professionals, enthusiasts and academics, CG Overdrive is truly the biggest ever in Asia!

The adroit blend of CG Conference, Workshops, Exhibition, Screenings and Displays is perhaps the best explication to the excitement and dynamism of CG Overdrive. CG Overdrive connects the best, the past, the present and the future.

CG Overdrive is truly the Conference for everyone . Participants can look forward to gaining maximum knowledge through the 3-days intensive Knowledge and Artists Workshops in the paid Conference , the best chance to learn and interact with invited world renowned CG Professionals. Paying participants will also get a chance to participate in the recruitment drive of various local and overseas animation studios. Non-paying participants can equally be entertained and be impressed by the numerous activities and screenings happening in the CG Festival open to the public and masses.

Regardless of the level of participation and interest, CG Overdrive convenes the greatest, the aspiring and the potential. We invite you to be part of the Overdrive community and be immersed in the most decorated and dedicated realm of digital media and computer graphics ever in Asia .

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* Credit to mr. takara for the brochure snapshot.

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